Installation of ELIS Thermosolar Project in Barcelona

The installation continues! The installation continues! Photo credit: Patrick Pomerleau

Rackam has been in Barcelona since February 6th for its new smart thermal power plant project constructed on the roof of the ELIS plant. The heat will be used to supply 20% of the thermal process requirement at ELIS' new laundry facility. In addition, 60% of hot water needs for showers and toilets will be filled by concentrated solar heat.The smart solar thermal station that automatically follows the sun's course should be operational very soon.

Simon installing collectorSimon Martin, photo credit: Patrick Pomerleau

By Night

The solar station by night. Photo credit: Patrick Pomerleau

Placa espanya

Plaça d'Espanya, downtown Barcelona. Photo credit: Patrick Pomerleau

The quality of the components chosen for this project will make the most efficient Rackam parabolic solar power station built to date. Thanks to our project manager Mathieu Larouche and our two colleagues, Patrick Pomerleau and Simon Martin, for their work on the site in Barcelona! And thanks to Rackam's team for the work done in Quebec!