Turnkey Projects

For a turnkey project, Rackam designs, produces and installs a solar thermal power plant tailored to your company's needs, following a five-step process.

  • Needs assessment

    This first step solicits answers to the questions listed opposite.

    • Which process in your facility uses heat?
    • How much energy do you consume?
    • What existing installations do you have?
    • What is your geographic location?
    • How much sunlit area do you have?

    Do you want to:

    • Buy a thermal power plant?
    • Buy the power produced by the plant?
  • Proposal

    The proposed solution includes:

    • A description of the thermal power plant
    • A list of the equipment to be installed
    • An analysis of expected performance
    • A schematic of its integration into the target process
    • A financial analysis of the project

    At the end of this step, the stakeholders sign a contract for completion of the project.

  • Detailed Design

    In this step, a complete set of project drawings is prepared and a project plan is drafted. The latter document, requiring approval by all parties to the contract, includes:

    • The final project drawings
    • The final integration schematics
    • A project responsibility chart
    • The final proposals from subcontractors
    • A project work schedule

    At the end of this step, production can begin.

  • Production and installation

    In this step, equipment is purchased and shipped to Rackam's production facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec or directly to the work site, by truck or by ocean container. The collectors themselves are produced in our Sherbrooke facility.

    Once on site, the collectors and associated equipment are installed by Rackam and its subcontractors.

  • Start-up and Commissioning

    Start-up takes place once all equipment is installed. Then system checks and adjustments are carried out and performance is measured. Also during this final step, training is provided to those employees who will be working with the new system.