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We are solar harvesting specialists.

When we work on a project, we design and build the heat collecting machine. If necessary, we had a heat storage system and a backup heating system. Then we select and provide the most adapted heat exchanger for your industrial process among the equipments available on the market. Going through the pages of this website, you will learn about the various solar heating solutions that we have implemented and many further possible applications.

The solutions we provide generally have the following characteristics:

They are green – 95 % of the mass of our equipment can be easily recycled at the end of their life as solar collectors
They recover a lot of energy compared to the other similar technologies on the market
They have a high financial performance – most of the time offering IRR above 20 percent
They are monitored in real time so we can measure our contribution to the global effort to fight global warming
They are maintained – being monitored, our team communicates performance enhancement possibilities and preventive maintenance for the systems

We are long term partners for your project, visit our website to learn about our various initiatives and contact us to partner in the design of your next greener and better project.

Latest news

Publication from CanadExport Bulletin: “Quebec cleantech company keeping an eye on Europe”

25 September 2020

Great article in CanadExport Bulletin of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service on Rackam’s efforts in Europe, especially in Spain. The article underlines Rackam Team’s strengths: the passion of Rackam’s employees, the capacity to innovate and to address unexpected challenges such as the ones related to COVID-19. Here is the link to the full article:

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An Innovative Solar Thermal Drying Solution for Municipal Sludge in Canada

7 February 2019

6 rows of RACK20 solar collectors will be deployed in the spring of 2019 at the Thetford Mines region’s sludge treatment plant (Quebec, Canada) to dry sludge from septic tanks. they will total 446 m2 of catchment area and a power of 290 kW thermal. This project will be carried out in collaboration with several […]

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Rackam in Jinan, China

22 November 2018

Small video that transports us near Jinan in China where the project manager of Rackam Patrick Pomerleau spent two weeks to finalize the installation of this test bench of 190kW, comprising 6 rows of Rack20 with 4 modules.

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