Rackam’s first project in Portugal

21 October 2013

The installation for Enogia in Portugal
The installation for Enogia in Portugal

Rackam is announcing the signing of an agreement for the construction of the first industrial CSP project in Portuguese history. The research project, which is called PRODUTECH PSI, will demonstrate the possibility of effectively combining solar thermal energy with an industrial process. In this case, it involves the preheating of air and water in order to clean metal components.

The consortium behind the project is formed of four organizations including Silampos, the company receiving the installation, INEGI, a research center attached to the University of PortoAcontrol, a firm specializing in industrial controls and TEGOPI, a company specializing in the production of metal structures.

Within the framework of this project, Rackam will provide four rows of parabolic troughs ICARUS HEAT V11 in addition to working with INEGI, A Control and TEGOPI for the engineering of both the pumping module for the installation and the integration into Silampos’ process. The agreement includes, among other things, sending a team on site to assist with the installation of the equipment. The project, between now and its implementation phase must be delivered during the course of winter 2014 and will therefore substantiate several months of effort and work.

The entire team at Rackam is pleased and proud to officially be joining this collaboration and delivering their first project on Portuguese soil.