The first model of the S20 series will be on display soon

7 November 2013

The new s20 collector
The new s20 collector

The development of the technology for the S20 collector is nearing completion, thus allowing us to plan the unveiling of the new model in the coming months.

The S20 collector represents a more powerful version of the S10 technology (formerly ICARUS HEAT), designed to be installed on the ground. This allows us to improve the competitiveness of our thermosolar solutions, since the plants on the ground can support larger collectors than rooftop plants. In fact, the rooftop collectors need to be small and lightweight to avoid generating too much aerodynamic stress to building structures. The smaller collectors are actually more expensive in relation to the power that they produce, due to the fact that they require more installation and equipment to generate the same aperture area.

In contrast, larger collectors cover twice the area of the smaller ones, which results in very competitive production costs. This is why a year ago; Rackam began the development of the medium-sized collector known as the S20. Derived from the same technology as the S10, the S20 collector will be very easy to install and will include a minimal number of parts for easy maintenance and durability.

This development gives Rackam a great advantage in the solar thermal market by making it possible to propose extremely profitable projects to our clients.