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Quebec government invests in solar thermal technologies


Rackam’s president, Mathieu Chagnon, was present at the Interdisciplinary institute for technological innovation (3IT) of the University of Sherbrooke, in order to discuss governmental support to green innovation with Serge Cardin, deputy of the Sherbrooke county and member of the National Assembly of Quebec.

Speaking in the name of Elaine Zakaïb, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy and the Quebec Bank of Economic Development, Mr. Cardin announced an aid of 400 000 dollars for the development of a new solar thermal power station on the university’s campus.

This help is part of a broader project totalling more than 3 million dollars for the development of several solar thermal power stations, which brings together Rackam, the University of Sherbrooke, and Cascades.

“Today’s announcement clearly proves the region’s capacity to mobilize itself, to innovate and to distinguish itself in an a highly valuable industrial sector, which will allow Quebec to become a leader in renewable energies,” said Mr. Cardin.

“The ACCORD program, of which we are a beneficiary, profoundly transforms Rackam. Thanks to its generous support, the government of Quebec allows us to develop a new generation of solar parabolic troughs which are to be installed and used all over the world. We are deeply grateful for the support the government has given us,” declared Rackam president Mathieu Chagnon.

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