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Our projects

Rackam starts work on a major project for the Cascades industrial complex in Kingsey Falls

Cascades and Rackam will  install a powerful parabolic solar concentrator system (CSP) with a 1490 m2 surface area  on a 4,000 m2 site, to reduce the natural gas consumption that is used to produce hot water for activities at the industrial complex. This is a first in the pulp and paper industry.

Funding for the project, totaling $ 1,073,830, is due in part to a grant from the Programme d’Aide à l’Innovation en Énergie, which falls under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec. Gaz Métro is also contributing to the project through its innovation program, the development of new technologies.

“The Technoclimat program is an important tool in supporting the development of new technologies in energy efficiency and emerging energy sources which contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. I am proud to support this project, which is not only a world premiere in the pulp and paper sector, but also a premiere in Quebec for all sectors combined. With this initiative, Cascades and Rackam prove that it is possible to combine environmental responsibility and economic development; objectives that entirely reflect the direction that our government wants to take,” said Minister Pierre Arcand.

From left to right: Alain Lemaire (Chairman of the board at Cascades), Mario Plourde (President and CEO of Cascades), Pierre Arcand (Minister of Energy and Natural Ressources), Mathieu Chagnon (President of Rackam) and Stéphanie Trudeau (Vice-president for Strategy, Communications and Sustainable Development, Gaz Métro)

“Once again, Cascades is acting as a pioneer in sustainable development. With regards to energy, our company is already two times more efficient than the Canadian average in pulp and paper. This project, initiated in collaboration with a partner in the region, will further reduce the impact of our activities on the environment, in addition to reducing our natural gas bill, said Mario Plourde.”

“We are proud to engage in a project of this magnitude in collaboration with Cascades,” said Mathieu Chagnon, President of Rackam. “This is the first solar power plant in Quebec using our new generation of S20 sensors. These sensors are twice as large as and much more efficient than those used in our previous projects. The installation at Kingsey Falls will also lead to the evolution of our technology through research partnerships established with the University of Sherbrooke. This project is a breakthrough that will propel Quebec technological know-how,” he added.

The facility will eventually produce more than 4440 GJ / year which will be used to raise the temperature of 87 500 cubic meters of pressurized 106-118 degrees Celsius water annually and thus allow a saving of 139,700 cubic meters of natural gas.

This reduction in natural gas consumption will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by the equivalent of over 265 tonnes of CO2 per year, 5,300 tons of CO2 over 20 years.