The ITAJUBA Federal University (Brazil) chooses Rackam to equip its renewable energy laboratory

1 October 2014

Enogia Brésil

Located in the heart of the Brazilian hills, this project aims to establish a renewable energy laboratory intended for teaching. The deployment includes among other things, the installation of an ORC turbine combined with a collector field made of S10 parabolic troughs at the site of the Federal Universityof ITAJUBA.

Rackam has therefore called in reinforcements in the form of ENOGIA, a French company specializing in the design of low power ORC turbines. ENOGIA acts as a technological integrator, while the field work is completed in collaboration with UNIFEI. The delivery of the installation is scheduled for the winter of 2015.

This first Brazilian achievement gives Rackam a technological show case in South America, a region of the world which is favourable for solar technologies and where the energy challenges inherent to economic growth are important.