Cascades, the Quebec government and Rackam inaugurate the largest solar thermal park in Quebec in Kingsey Falls

21 October 2014

Cascades acts as a leader in the implementation of renewable energy by procuring a powerful concentrating solar power plant (CSP) with an area of ​​1 490 m2. The Alain Lemaire solar park will support the production of hot water required for the operation of the industrial complex. It will thus benefit Cascades through the reduction of their natural gas consumption. Rackam was able to deliver this extraordinary project successfully. This is a first in the pulp and paper industry.

 “The realization of this major project is the logical culmination of the vision that the Quebec government has given with regard to green energy. We go to considerable lengths to support the development of new sources of clean energy and to encourage local companies to use these methods to produce innovative energy. I am proud to see that these efforts are paying off today. The project we are inaugurating today demonstrates the expertise and genius of Quebec entrepreneurs who have decided to move forward with innovative technologies that will have positive effects on our economy and our environment, “stated Minister Arcand.

 “Through the implementation of Alain Lemaire solar park, Cascades again acts as a pioneer in sustainable development and reaffirms its leading position in the energy sector, said Mr. Mario Plourde. The project, built on the values ​​that the Lemaire brothers have instilled in the business for half a century, has also encouraged entrepreneurial succession and the development of green technologies. One can only hope that this initiative will inspire other companies. “

 “The solar park KingseyFalls is the only facility of its kind in Canada, evidence of Cascades’ leadership and innovative thinking, said Mathieu Chagnon. Rackam has overcome a great many challenges in the implementation of its newsolar technology.The result is extremely satisfactory: with over 1490 m2 of mirrors and an excess production of1 MWh per year, the solar park will produce high-quality energy to the industrial complex in KingseyFalls.”

 The mirrors of the solar parkare designed to enable the concentration the sun’s rays.The accumulated energy is used to heat water for the industrial complex in KingseyFalls.

The S20 collectors installed there area new generation that islighter and more mobile.Entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec,production and installation costs were greatly reduced.In addition, the collecting area is doubled compared to the previous S10 generation of collectors.The collectors now focus about 72 suns onto a single focal point.

 The installation is fully automated.It includes a tracking program to track the path of the sun during the day, and a weather station to protect against the elements.



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