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Rackam participates in California’s Food Processing Expo


Rackam participated in the Food Processing Expo 2015 in Sacramento, California, in order to meet various players in the Californian food industry. The mission was a great success: a large number of companies expressed interest in Rackam’s technology.

“The food industry includes several processes with significant needs both in terms of heat as well as cooling,” says Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, Vice President and Co-founder of Rackam. “This typically requires temperatures between 100 ° C and 250 ° C, exactly the temperature that our technology is capable of producing.”

California is in the sunniest part of the United States, with an average direct irradiation of 2500 kWh/m2/year for the south of the state. “The solar radiation levels are absolutely incredible. If there is any potential for solar development, it’s here! The Californian government also offers unique incentives to support the development of solar thermal technologies, “explains Ludvig Bellehumeur, Director of Business Development at Rackam.

“We have also established connections with several local partners, both with research partners such as UC Solar or with partners for engineering and local installation. This trip was very promising. “

A return to California will be expected during the next year.