Morocco: COPAG will test Rackam’s technology

3 June 2015

MAROC - Copag

The Agricultural Cooperative in Taroudant (COPAG) will make its debut this summer with Rackam’s S10 thermal technology. In fact, COPAG, Rackam and alto|Solutions signed a contract to deploy a demonstration project with a power of 50 kW in order to allow Moroccan industry to become familiar with concentrated solar thermal technology. The technology showcase will be available as soon as the end of the summer of 2015. alto|Solutions, Rackam’s Moroccan partner, will then conduct site visits aimed at industrial clients, institutional partners and donors among others, in order to make this technology known in Morocco and thus help to make its use widespread in the industry. 

“This is a beautiful project; we are very happy to see it carried out and we sincerely hope that it will pave the way for many other concentrated solar thermal installations in the Moroccan industry. For Morocco, in addition to large solar power plants for the production of electricity, the introduction of solar energy in industry is a further step in increasing energetic independence” says Mehdi Berrada, Executive Director at alto|Solutions.

“Rackam is pleased with the establishment of its first Moroccan project” says Mathieu Chagnon, President of Rackam. “We are proud of this collaboration with alto|Solutions, an innovative company that really knows how to think big. We are really looking forward to deploying other projects in the region. Our team is closely following everything that is done in Morocco and it really is quite impressive.”