Rackam and Bienter begin work on a research laboratory at the University of Thrace

9 June 2015

Bienter - University of Thrace

The laboratory will consist of a technological showcase and will combine the production of solar thermal energy with a field of S20 parabolic troughs with a low-depth geothermal installation. The plant will be equipped with a storage system and an ORC turbine, and will provide both heat and electricity to greenhouses.

The project will have a nominal power of 234 kW and will be a ground installation on a site as big as three tennis courts (755 m2). The integration of different energy sources and applications will emphasize the suitability of using renewable energy to meet the University’s needs.

As Rackam’s third project in the Mediterranean region, the project confirms the company’s commitment in this area with great potential for industrial solar applications.

BIENTER S.A., a privileged partner of Rackam, specializes in the study, development, design, construction and operation of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects, and has done so for more than thirty-four (34) consecutive years starting in 1981.