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The fight against climate change

Do you know Project Drawdown ?

Project Drawdown aims to help humanity achieve “drawdown” the moment in the future at which the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will stop increasing and begin decreasing, thus stopping global warming.

Concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere over time (adapted from Project DrawDown)

Project Drawdown uses science, education and communication as working tools and presents the fight against climate change as an opportunity for our societies to join forces and collaborate. Its flagship initiative is to research, document and describe the 100 most promising solutions to fight climate change. To do this, the project Drawdown consults several scientists from all fields of research and technology. The organisation teams analyze the different solutions available to us, quantify both their potential impact and their cost and then rank them in order of effectiveness.

The approach is innovative and at Rackam, we are big fans of project Drawdown. We invite you to visit their website, learn about their initiatives and take their free online course by following this link.