For over a decade, Rackam has led the industry in designing, constructing, installing, and commissioning custom thermal energy platforms powered by solar energy. From development to maintenance, our comprehensive expertise ensures optimal performance and efficiency for our clients.


The fight against climate change

Rackam produces it’s first measured GWh of heat !

Although the cumulated heat production of Rackam is likely to be much higher, Rackam has measured its first produced gigawatt hour (GWh)  during on November 11th, 2021.  The measurement comes from installations from which Rackam collects real time production data.  They are located at Cascades (Kingsey Falls, Canada), the University of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, Canada), a laundering shop located in Spain and the Ferme Piscicole des Bobines (East Hereford, Canada).

Out of the 12 installations that were made since Rackam was founded, 7 are being used on a daily basis but only 4 benefit from the real time data collection system which is now included in all the new projects we work on.