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Rackam 2.0 represents the sequel to Rackam, our company founded in 2010, with the aim of proving that the transition to renewable energies is technically and economically possible.

During the first 10 years, we completed our first projects, some with success, others with more difficulty. Today we assert with confidence that we know what is feasible and what is not yet and that is why we are renewing our practices in order to offer our customers, our partners and our company, the result of our learning.

10 years of experience

10 years, 3 types of parabolic concentrators, 12 projects carried out around the world. Even with modest means, Rackam managed to make his mark. These achievements have brought a deep knowledge of solar thermal, achievable performances, possibilities of integration into different industrial processes, challenges related to the maintenance of installations, financial arrangements and all stages of a project, ranging from planning, manufacturing, exporting and installing these advanced technologies.

It is now proven that solar thermal can be successfully integrated into most thermal processes used in industry. However, some barriers persist and slow the adoption of this great technology.

This is why Rackam is renewing itself – becoming Rackam 2.0 – and is now making available to its current and future customers an update of its products based on the lessons learned from the beginning. More thermally efficient, updates are also cheaper, easier to install and maintain. The result is increased profitability.

In addition to this technical development, Rackam 2.0 now offers a new business model based on a lower purchase cost than before and extended support for installed projects. Thanks to this approach, “solarizing” your business is more accessible than ever!

New products at the edge of technology

Based on our learning, we are updating our product range. In 2020, two parabolic concentrators were set aside. This allows us to now focus on the S20 single axis hub which is our best performing sensor for its price. We have improved this sensor to make it the S21 version. The S21 version has fewer parts, its mirrors have improved performance and the sensor can be assembled using field welds. The result of these improvements is a robust parabolic concentrator that performs well for industry and is less expensive.

To be more versatile in places where the terrain is uneven or specially shaped, we are launching a parabolic concentrator with two tracking axes. The 2X series. This sensor brings together in a single concept, all the learnings of Rackam during its first 10 years of existence. With the 2X sensor, we now offer our customers, young and old, all the power and performance of parabolic solar concentration.

To improve our offer, especially for heating applications where it is not necessary to heat up very high, we are launching a simple and robust flat sensor, the 40 series.

The ability of our sensors to reflect light to a specific location also brings us to another line of products that do not produce heat but increase brightness in growing areas. These one-of-a-kind sensors give Rackam a unique angle of approach to the greenhouse growing market and confirm our new versatility in industrial solar applications.

An improved business model

We care about making our technology accessible to our customers, which is why we are embracing a new way of doing business. Our equipment is now cheaper to buy and our support is closer. Our new maintenance service guarantees the replacement of defective parts and the optimal use of solar systems at all times, for the entire useful life of the installation. Contact us for more information or to receive a detailed offer.

Transparency as a basis

Solar thermal on an industrial scale remains a mysterious field of activity and apart from the surface articles announcing the deployment of projects, there is little information available on the performance in real conditions of the various systems in place. This is why from the launch of this site, and with the collaboration of its customers wishing to participate in this initiative, Rackam will publish in real time the performance of several typical systems.

At Rackam, we tell you the truth about our systems, when they work, but also when they are faulty, our customers can know what is going on. In this way, we hope to demystify our technology and its uses to ultimately accelerate its widespread adoption. In fact, after 10 years of hard work, we are now fully convinced of the role we can play in the fight to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.