Welcome to Tomorrow’s World, Welcome to Rackam!

Rackam has been producing Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP) since 2009. As the industrial world still uses fossil fuels to generate heat for its processes, Rackam offers innovative solar solutions to help industries become less dependent on fossil fuels.  

Becoming Part of Tomorrow's World

At Rackam, we believe that the world is being transformed profoundly, as much in regards to our means of energy production, as in how we share and protect our natural, cultural and technological resources. We want our social commitment and our technology to play a full part in this new world; which will be cleaner, fair and humane. It is a gigantic global collaboration, and Rackam is one of the drivers of development.
We recognize the relevance of fossil fuels in the upgrading of processes with high added values, but we are convinced that with solar energy so abundant, it is much more suitable to be used for the production of heat for industries located in areas with high solar potential.

Our Beliefs and Values

At Rackam, we place the most emphasis on teamwork, collaboration and accuracy. We want to stay fair and transparent, not only in both our pricing and customer approach, but also in our after-sales service. In addition, we enjoy exchanging and taking the necessary time with our clients and partners to be able to construct the most optimal solutions for them.

The Projects in Which We Are Involved

Canada, Brazil, Morocco, United States, Greece, Spain, Portugal, to mention but a few. The parabolic solar concentration projects that Rackam develops worldwide are clean and innovative. Through its projects, Rackam has become a vector of shifting paradigms and acquisition of new technologies. We also want the benefits of our projects go beyond purely technological and financial framework. In fact, our achievements bring about real, positive social impacts, by training qualified personnel on site who will benefit from the knowledge transfer. There are also positive environmental benefits in the reduction of the ecological footprint of our customers in their environment. Rackam's solar projects also allow the improvement or confirmation of our clients' eco-friendly images and their involvement in the future of our world.

Rackam's Staff: Visionaries Concerned with Efficiency.

Travellers, athletes, and innovative visionaries are how Rackam's team of engineers and enthusiastic employees can be described. They are among the change makers in this world. As part of the new generation, we want to make these changes efficiently and effectively.

The Way We Work at Rackam

At Rackam, concern for the quality of our service and professionalism is at the heart of our work environment: we like to meet our customers to exchange, to support them at all stages of the project process and stay involved with them long after the completion of our installations to ensure optimal performance.
When travel is not necessary, we use android or web communication means to remain in close contact with our customers and the stakeholders of our projects. This way of working allows us to limit greenhouse gas emissions from transport in relation to our projects as well as to limit the costs of our installations.

Welcome to Tomorrow's World, Welcome to Rackam!