Industrial processes require heaps of heat !

And solar can make a difference by allowing businesses to:

  • Improve the carbon footprint of goods production
  • Lower energy bills and improve competitiveness
  • Become less dependant to energy suppliers

65 C to 95 C - Boiling water

Boiling water can be easily produced with concentrated solar.  The S50 dual axis collector or the S70 rooftop collector can be used in direct heating mode where the process water runs directly into the collectors or they can be used in indirect mode and circulate the heated fluid in a separate loop.

Boiling water is currently being produced by Rackam on University of Sherbrooke’s main campus.  Take a look at University of Sherbrooke hot water production in real time.

Flat plate heat exchanger module

95 C to 155 C - Pressurized water for heating loops

When transformation processes require heat above 100 C, Rackam solar concentrators can be coupled to a shell & tube heat exchanger.  Rackam has designed a complete set of prepackaged heat transfer modules going from 50KW to 2 MW in sizes.

Shell & tube heat transfer modules are designed for use with S50 dual axis collectors or S70 rooftop collectors.  They are equiped with integrated control system and automated valves to maximize solar heat production.

Shell & tube heat exchanger module

155 C to 260 C - Steam generation

Many transformation plants use large steam networks to power their processes. Rackam can generate saturated steam at temperatures up to 155 C with rooftop installations and up to 260 C with installations on the ground.

Rackam steam generators are available in power going from 500 KW to 5 MW and are mounted on fully equiped steam generating modules.

Steam generator module