Rackam produces it's first measured GWh of heat !

8 November 2021

Although the cumulated heat production of Rackam is likely to be much higher, Rackam has measured its first produced gigawatt […]

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Do you know Project Drawdown ?

2 June 2021

Project Drawdown aims to help humanity achieve “drawdown” the moment in the future at which the levels of greenhouse gases […]

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Planet Earth is heating up faster than expected

27 May 2021

The World Meteorological Organization announces that it is becoming increasingly likely that the increase in global average temperatures will exceed […]

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The Ferme piscicole des Bobines chooses Rackam to design an innovative multi-component water heating system

30 November 2020

The Ferme piscicole des Bobines located in East Hereford in Estrie, near the border with the United States, is the […]

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Publication from CanadExport Bulletin: "Quebec cleantech company keeping an eye on Europe"

25 September 2020

Rackam Solar Plant in Barcelona Great article in CanadExport Bulletin of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service on Rackam’s efforts in […]

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An Innovative Solar Thermal Drying Solution for Municipal Sludge in Canada

7 February 2019

6 rows of RACK20 solar collectors will be deployed in the spring of 2019 at the Thetford Mines region's sludge […]

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Rackam in Jinan, China

22 November 2018

Small video that transports us near Jinan in China where the project manager of Rackam Patrick Pomerleau spent two weeks […]

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How can the costs of industrial pasteurization be reduced using solar energy?

18 May 2016

Apart from heat pumps and other techniques used for recovering energy from existing heat sources in a factory, the parabolic […]

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The market for desalination and the different technical solutions available

11 May 2016

Desalination file, Article 2/3 As discussed in the previous article "Solar desalination, a solution to a growing global problem", desalination […]

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