Publication from CanadExport Bulletin: "Quebec cleantech company keeping an eye on Europe"

25 September 2020

Rackam Solar Plant in Barcelona Great article in CanadExport Bulletin of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service on Rackam’s efforts in Europe, especially in Spain. The article underlines Rackam Team’s strengths: the passion of Rackam's employees, the capacity to innovate and to address unexpected challenges such as the ones related to COVID-19. Here is the link […]

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An Innovative Solar Thermal Drying Solution for Municipal Sludge in Canada

7 February 2019

6 rows of RACK20 solar collectors will be deployed in the spring of 2019 at the Thetford Mines region's sludge treatment plant (Quebec, Canada) to dry sludge from septic tanks. they will total 446 m2 of catchment area and a power of 290 kW thermal. This project will be carried out in collaboration with several […]

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Rackam in Jinan, China

22 November 2018

Small video that transports us near Jinan in China where the project manager of Rackam Patrick Pomerleau spent two weeks to finalize the installation of this test bench of 190kW, comprising 6 rows of Rack20 with 4 modules.

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How can the costs of industrial pasteurization be reduced using solar energy?

18 May 2016

Apart from heat pumps and other techniques used for recovering energy from existing heat sources in a factory, the parabolic solar concentrator provides two advantages: 1. Reducing the consumption of fossil fuels for process heat generation2. Lower cooling costs by reducing the heat input to the roof with the installation of solar collectors that absorb […]

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The market for desalination and the different technical solutions available

11 May 2016

Desalination file, Article 2/3 As discussed in the previous article "Solar desalination, a solution to a growing global problem", desalination seems to be the most appropriate technical way to solve the global freshwater shortage. First of all, it would provide another supply source, especially in countries close to the ocean that experience substantial hydric stress. […]

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Solar desalination: a solution to a growing global problem?

13 April 2016

Water is a molecule with extraordinary physical and chemical properties that essentially makes life on earth possible. It is capable of transporting nutrients or hormones through waterways or through our blood and allows cellular machinery to function. Due to its physical properties, it also helps protect aquatic life in even very cold weather, thanks to […]

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COP21, the decarbonisation of global energy has begun

11 December 2015

Why "decarbonise" global energy?  The 20th century saw global temperatures increased by 0.9 ° C and in the past 30 years this trend has accelerated. This has resulted in major and dramatic changes: undesirable changes in ecosystems: species extinction, appearance of exotic species and viruses such as Lyme disease; increased frequency of severe weather events: […]

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Rackam generates cold from the sun's energy and is awarded a Technoclimat grant

2 December 2015

A provincial grant of nearly $400,000 from the Technoclimat program has just been awarded to Rackam by Quebec's Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec. This grant recognizes the excellence and innovation of the Alouette Building's new hybrid power plant. Located on the UQAC campus in Sept-Îles, the building was designed by the architectural […]

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The G7 members pledge to phase out world's use of fossil fuels by the end of the 21rst century

3 July 2015

The G7 group of industrial nations have pledged to phase out the world's use of fossil fuels by the end of the 21st century.  The leaders stressed that "deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions" were required with "a decarbonisation of the global economy over the course of this century". The aim was to send […]

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