For over a decade, Rackam has led the industry in designing, constructing, installing, and commissioning custom thermal energy platforms powered by solar energy. From development to maintenance, our comprehensive expertise ensures optimal performance and efficiency for our clients.


The fight against climate change
World Climate Summit 2015

COP21, the decarbonisation of global energy has begun

Why “decarbonise” global energy?  The 20th century saw global temperatures increased by 0.9 ° C and in the past 30 years this trend has accelerated. This has resulted in major and dramatic changes: undesirable changes in ecosystems: species extinction, appearance of exotic species and viruses such as Lyme disease; increased frequency of severe weather events: […]

What's happening at Rackam
Photo du bâtiment Alouette à Sept-Îles et du champs de concentration solaire de Rackam sur son toit

Rackam generates cold from the sun’s energy and is awarded a Technoclimat grant

A provincial grant of nearly $400,000 from the Technoclimat program has just been awarded to Rackam by Quebec’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec. This grant recognizes the excellence and innovation of the Alouette Building’s new hybrid power plant. Located on the UQAC campus in Sept-Îles, the building was designed by the architectural […]

The fight against climate change

The G7 members pledge to phase out world’s use of fossil fuels by the end of the 21rst century

The G7 group of industrial nations have pledged to phase out the world’s use of fossil fuels by the end of the 21st century.  The leaders stressed that “deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions” were required with “a decarbonisation of the global economy over the course of this century”. The aim was to send […]

Our projects
Bienter - University of Thrace

Rackam and Bienter begin work on a research laboratory at the University of Thrace

The laboratory will consist of a technological showcase and will combine the production of solar thermal energy with a field of S20 parabolic troughs with a low-depth geothermal installation. The plant will be equipped with a storage system and an ORC turbine, and will provide both heat and electricity to greenhouses. The project will have a nominal […]

What's happening at Rackam

Rackam participates in California’s Food Processing Expo

Rackam participated in the Food Processing Expo 2015 in Sacramento, California, in order to meet various players in the Californian food industry. The mission was a great success: a large number of companies expressed interest in Rackam’s technology. “The food industry includes several processes with significant needs both in terms of heat as well as cooling,” says […]

What's happening at Rackam

Rackam sends a delegation to the Renewables and Mining Summit and Exhibition of 2014 in Toronto

Rackam had the opportunity to present their technological products and their expertise in the field of solar thermal energy, at the Renewables and Mining Summit, held on the 15th and 16th of October 2014. Their presence at this event aimed to promote their technology and build a network of contacts in the mining and renewable energy […]

Our projects

Cascades, the Quebec government and Rackam inaugurate the largest solar thermal park in Quebec in Kingsey Falls

Cascades acts as a leader in the implementation of renewable energy by procuring a powerful concentrating solar power plant (CSP) with an area of ​​1 490 m2. The Alain Lemaire solar park will support the production of hot water required for the operation of the industrial complex. It will thus benefit Cascades through the reduction of […]