A new Solar Industrial Process Heat project in Barcelona with ELIS

Elis Rackam Barcelona

Barcelona, flickr, photo credit: Konstantinos Dafalias

The city of Barcelona will host a new industrial solar heat project. ELIS, a leader in the laundry services business, has chosen to collaborate with Rackam in the construction of its new plant in the Catalan capital. Rackam will offer a solar solution that will save 40,000 m³ of natural gas per year on this site.

A New Partnership with ELIS

Elis is a multi-service leader in the rental and care of flat linen, work-wear and hygiene, and well-being equipment. Its mission is to simplify the lives of its customers. The Group is present in Europe and South America, with more than 350 production and distribution centers, employing more than 25,000 employees. It provides multiple services to more than 240,000 customers of all sizes in the hospitality, catering, health, industrial, retail and corporate sectors. It is therefore a very good business opportunity for Rackam.

Favorable Legislation to the Origin of This Contract

The legislation in Barcelona requires that the hot water in any new building for employees (showers and toilets) must be heated to 60% by solar heat and that the industrial processes of any new construction be supplied with 20% solar heat. Therefore ELIS chose Rackam to meet these criteria. We can see from this example that legislation has a direct impact to change companies' behavior to select a renewable energy supply and how cities structure its legislation and plays a role in these changes.

The Solar Power Plant and Its Characteristics

Rackam s10 barcelona

S10 captors on CanmetEnergy rooftop installation, photo credit Mathieu Larouche

The Rackam solar plant will be installed on the roof of the new building. Twenty S10 sensors will be deployed, accounting for 822 m² of collecting area. They will allow to develop a power of 454 kW. This energy will enable the new Elis plant in Barcelona to preheat the storage water of the gas boiler used mainly to power laundry washing machines and tunnels. By preheating the storage water, the solar power plant will be able to limit the energy consumption of this boiler within the limits imposed by the city. 422,000 kWh will be generated annually, saving the equivalent of approximately 40,000 m³ of natural gas per year.

A European Showcase for Rackam

This solar project, once realized, could be visited by other potential customers. This will be a great showcase for Rackam on a European scale.

For more information:

Jacques-Alexandre Fortin Vice-President of Rackam, ja.fortin@rackam.com