Benoit Hauton joins Rackam

Benoit Hauton joins Rackam

The Rackam team welcomes Benoit Hauton, who joins the company as a project coordinator. Benoit has a DUT diploma in thermal and energy from the Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, and has a master in engineering from the Polytech Savoie and the University of Borås in Sweden, where he specialized in valorization, production and management of energy.

Benoit acquired a considerable experience after working for SMEF Azur, a French firm specialized in cooling and air conditioning. Following this notable experience, Benoit joined Rackam where he has several responsibilities regarding the development of a new cooling technology.

Being a talented and dynamic man, Benoit sees his entry at Rackam with much excitement: “As a person, I am quite sensible to renewable energies and conscious of the big challenges lying ahead. Rackam allows me to evolve in a dynamic environment by giving me ambitious and innovative projects to work on. Considering my past as a competitive sportsman, I really appreciate the ability to confront new challenges on a daily basis. The choice to join Rackam was an obvious one.”



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