The cost of Rackam’s solar thermal technologies drops below 1 USD /W with installation!

Rackam continues to progress in reducing the cost of its installations and reaffirms its commitment to produce the most profitable solar projects for industrial businesses.

In fact, an internal study found that the costs of the technology will stabilize at about 1 USD /W, including installation. These costs are calculated by taking into account a standard installation of 1 MW installed in Canada. "Even if these costs vary upward or downward depending on several factors such as the size of the installation, the country where the collectors are installed and complexity of the integration process to the client’s process; this standardized method allows us to measure our progress in cost reduction, "said Mathieu Chagnon, President of Rackam.

The current environment does not allow us to anticipate significant energy cost increases in the years ahead, which is why cost reduction is the subject of considerable attention at Rackam, to achieve economic returns which are always more favorable for the industry. To reach these results, Rackam’s engineers work primarily to lower manufacturing and installation costs. "The simplification of the installation can have a major impact on the cost of a project and Rackam aspires to produce projects whose installation is the simplest. It is a matter of planning, design and logistics, "also mentions Mr. Chagnon.

With the achievement of this milestone, solar thermal technology now becomes cheaper than a photovoltaic installation of the same size. This is a considerable advantage that changes the situation on the market for renewable energy. Of course, a client can only benefit from this cost reduction if they make use of heat, which is a constraint for market access. However, for client who makes great use of heat, Rackam’s thermal technologies constitute a very cost-effective solution.