The S20 parabolic solar collector gets an excellent performance rating from independent laboratory TÜV Rheinland

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Rackam's S20 parabolic solar collector received a very good performance review at the end of August from independent firm TÜV Rheinland. This sensor is designed to be used for medium and large heat production projects linked to industrial processes, particularly for installations requiring a solar field on the ground, as is the case with the Alain Lemaire Cascades solar park, in Kingsey Falls.
The aforementioned test took place in one of the international expert firm's US branches

The test results

The test primarily sought to produce a standardized performance curve to evaluate the energy that the sensor is able to absorb in function of irradiation (thermal efficiency) in relation to the system's outlet temperature. Recall that a standard curve is a normalization process that compares different technologies. In this case, the curve shows optimal performance for Rackam's S20 sensor in operating temperatures between 100 and 250 degrees Celsius, making it an excellent choice for industrial applications. Some parabolic sensors with higher yields are intended to produce large-scale energy in large installations, but they require more technical surveillance in both mounting as well as in maintenance. For industrial applications, these sensors which are designed to perform best in temperatures over 350 degrees, have very high costs in comparison to the S20 while their performance remains similar at temperatures below 250 degrees.
For sensors intended for residential use (heat sensors), we can see on this chart that they are more efficient at low temperatures; more specifically below 100 degrees.

A perfect sensor for the industrial market

With these results, Rackam's S20 sensor is thus ideally positioned for the industrial market, with temperature requirements very often between 100 and 250 degrees. In addition, the simple and robust composition of the S20, which facilitates installation and maintenance, and makes it stand out even more from products which are more delicate and difficult to implement. This is the installation price-performance ratio for the S20, estimated at 1W per dollar invested, which helps make Rackam's projects so attractive.

A good step towards the ICC-SRCC certification

In addition to giving a lot of recognition and credibility to Rackam's products and expertise, these positive results will also allow Rackam to obtain ICC-SRCC certification in the near future. This international certification will then allow Rackam to rank better among others in the US industrial market, which is very promising for solar thermal technologies and often requires this very certification.

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Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, VP and Director of Marketing, Rackam