The Envirolys Gala awards Cascades for its solar concentration project in Kingsey Falls


The Envirolys Gala, which is organized by the Business Council for Environmental Technology of Quebec (CETEQ) was held Monday night at the Madison Centre in Montreal and brought together the cream of Quebec's green economy and several provincial ministers. The Gala, held since 2010, annually recognizes excellence in advances made in private industry in environmental projects in Quebec.

The award Projet vert ICI+ was awarded to Alain Lemaire who was representing Cascades for the occasion. This prestigious award was given to the company for its collaboration with Rackam, which enabled the realization of a solar concentration field at its Kingsey Falls site. The excellent performance of this facility has also been demonstrated this month.

Let us recall that this parabolic solar concentration field deployed in Kingsey Falls uses Rackam's latest S20 collector and it will save Cascades up to 130,000 m³ of natural gas per year.

envirolys-rackam-jean charest
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