First solar-powered water management project for Rackam

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Sherbrooke | 09-06-2016

After a first successful CSP pilot project in USA in 2015 (Gainesville, Florida), Rackam teams up with partner Heat2Hydro Inc. to tackle wastewater treatment, a very promising application and market. The city of Surprise AZ, will host a Rackam test bench with a rated power of 100 kW. The installation of this pilot project is scheduled for November 2016 and this second project for Rackam in the United States is done in partnership with key partner Heat2Hydro Inc., a US company specialized in the sale of environmental solutions. Both companies are very complementary, and this partnership could be very fruitful for both thereafter.

Treatment of sludge from waste water of the city

The specific projects will produce heat from our troughs regulated to maintain precise temperatures necessary to process sewage sludge so that the sludge can be disposed of within a treatment plant thereby eliminating transportation and fees presently incurred.

Another point on the map

It is the 11th project of Rackam in the world. Monitoring and good performance of the 10 other facilities built with various industrial partners since 2011 are part of Rackam success to build the world of tomorrow's energy. The wastewater treatment uses similar techniques to desalination, two very promising markets in the near future for solar thermal power.

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Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, VP and director of marketing