A new generation of parabolic solar collectors to be manufactured in Quebec

parabolic solar collector

Sherbrooke | 10-19-2016

For the engineering team at Quebec start up Rackam, it's the end of two years' worth of research and development for the S30, a new solar concentrating collector.

This new technology will allow the company to achieve industrial solar heat projects on a larger scale, which will be able to reach temperatures between 250 and 380 degrees Celsius. Compared to their other sensors (the smaller S10 collector for rooftop projects, and the S20 for medium-sized ground projects), their larger S30 sensor, will enable the company's customers to achieve economies of scale and installation on larger projects.

This model requires fewer welds on construction sites during installation and will be even simpler and more robust than current Rackam collectors. The first assembly of this model will be tested in the United States this winter, and the collector will go into production in March of 2017. It will be deployable with Rackam process heat projects as of May 2017.

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Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, VP and Director of Marketing, Rackam.