A First Project in China !

Rackam has just signed an industrial heat demonstration project of 452 m² solar concentrating panels with Runh Power. Runh Power is a Chinese company carrying out power plant construction projects all over the world. The company has already completed several power plant projects around the world such as this project in Rwanda producing 15 MWe from the combustion of peat.


They now want more and more to turn to renewable energies.

For the Runh Power project, Rackam will deployed a solar field of 6 rows of S20 collector. The solar field will be built directly on the company's land in Liaocheng, a city of 6 million people in Shandong Province, eastern China. This Rackam solar power station will serve as a test and demonstration bench for potential Runh Power industrial customers interested in solar parabolic concentration. It should be known that the Chinese government wants to phase out coal boilers in its territory and invests heavily in renewable energies.

In addition, from 2020, the city of Beijing wants to completely eliminate coal including its industrial facilities to improve the air quality of the capital. This is why China is so interested in solar thermal energy.

The Runh Power process fluid for this demonstration will therefore be water vapor which will have to reach a temperature of 150 ° C. For this, the Rackam solar power plant will be powered by a heat transfer oil circuit heated by the 6 rows of S20 collectors. The nominal power of the solar field will be 192 kW.