Cascades, the Quebec government and Rackam inaugurate the largest solar thermal park in Quebec in Kingsey Falls

21 October 2014

Cascades acts as a leader in the implementation of renewable energy by procuring a powerful concentrating solar power plant (CSP) with an area of ​​1 490 m2. The Alain Lemaire solar park will support the production of hot water required for the operation of the industrial complex. It will thus benefit Cascades through the reduction of […]

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The ITAJUBA Federal University (Brazil) chooses Rackam to equip its renewable energy laboratory

1 October 2014

Located in the heart of the Brazilian hills, this project aims to establish a renewable energy laboratory intended for teaching. The deployment includes among other things, the installation of an ORC turbine combined with a collector field made of S10 parabolic troughs at the site of the Federal Universityof ITAJUBA. Rackam has therefore called in […]

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Rackam successfully accomplishes the installation of a solar thermal project in Portugal

19 August 2014

Rackam officially announces the completion of its first project in Portugal. This is the company's second project on European soil, and the first industrial project in the country to use solar thermal technology. The research project, dubbed PRODUTECH PSI, will demonstrate the possibility of effectively combining a solar thermal technology with an industrial process in hopes […]

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Rackam highlights CSP’s northern potential

18 August 2014

A recent article in CSP Today, a business intelligence source and international reference in the field of solar thermal technologies, mentionned Rackam as a promising technology. What distinguishes Rackam's business model, the article says, is its applicability in northern regions. “Canada does not necessarily dispose of the most favourable direct solar irradiation,” admits Ludvig Bellehumeur, director of business development […]

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Rackam starts work on a major project for the Cascades industrial complex in Kingsey Falls

13 June 2014

Cascades and Rackam will  install a powerful parabolic solar concentrator system (CSP) with a 1490 m2 surface area  on a 4,000 m2 site, to reduce the natural gas consumption that is used to produce hot water for activities at the industrial complex. This is a first in the pulp and paper industry. Funding for the […]

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IPCC releases fifth climate assessment report

31 March 2014

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has just released its fifth climate assessment report. Needless to say, the data and trends observed by the IPCC are quite worrying. Here is a short summary of the conclusions contained in the report. What has happened so far : Atmosphere Each of the last three decades has been […]

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Rackam and TÜV Rheinland PTL develop platform to test high-temperature solar thermal collectors

14 March 2014

Tempe, AZ. — March 13, 2014 — The Rackam technical team, in close collaboration with TÜV Rheinland PTL, has developed a test bench for testing performance and efficiency of solar thermal collectors. It is a pumping circuit equipped with an electric heating element as well as measuring and control instruments, which enable the circulation of mineral oil-based high temperature […]

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Quebec government invests in solar thermal technologies

5 March 2014

Rackam’s president, Mathieu Chagnon, was present at the Interdisciplinary institute for technological innovation (3IT) of the University of Sherbrooke, in order to discuss governmental support to green innovation with Serge Cardin, deputy of the Sherbrooke county and member of the National Assembly of Quebec. Speaking in the name of Elaine Zakaïb, Deputy Minister of Industrial Policy and the Quebec […]

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Rackam takes part in Task49 conference in South Africa

27 January 2014

Rackam was among the most innovative organizations to take part in the International Energy Agency’s Task49 conference in Stellenbosch, South Africa. This conference brought together several industrial, academic and governmental actors from different levels. Their goal was to discuss the progress that has been made in the field of solar thermal technologies. South Africa remains […]

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