Solar desalination: a solution to a growing global problem?

13 April 2016

Water is a molecule with extraordinary physical and chemical properties that essentially makes life on earth possible. It is capable […]

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COP21, the decarbonisation of global energy has begun

11 December 2015

Why "decarbonise" global energy?  The 20th century saw global temperatures increased by 0.9 ° C and in the past 30 […]

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Rackam generates cold from the sun's energy and is awarded a Technoclimat grant

2 December 2015

A provincial grant of nearly $400,000 from the Technoclimat program has just been awarded to Rackam by Quebec's Ministry of […]

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The G7 members pledge to phase out world's use of fossil fuels by the end of the 21rst century

3 July 2015

The G7 group of industrial nations have pledged to phase out the world's use of fossil fuels by the end […]

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Rackam and Bienter begin work on a research laboratory at the University of Thrace

9 June 2015

The laboratory will consist of a technological showcase and will combine the production of solar thermal energy with a field […]

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Morocco: COPAG will test Rackam’s technology

3 June 2015

The Agricultural Cooperative in Taroudant (COPAG) will make its debut this summer with Rackam’s S10 thermal technology. In fact, COPAG, […]

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Rackam participates in California’s Food Processing Expo

12 March 2015

Rackam participated in the Food Processing Expo 2015 in Sacramento, California, in order to meet various players in the Californian food industry. […]

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Rackam sends a delegation to the Renewables and Mining Summit and Exhibition of 2014 in Toronto

22 October 2014

Rackam had the opportunity to present their technological products and their expertise in the field of solar thermal energy, at […]

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Cascades, the Quebec government and Rackam inaugurate the largest solar thermal park in Quebec in Kingsey Falls

21 October 2014

Cascades acts as a leader in the implementation of renewable energy by procuring a powerful concentrating solar power plant (CSP) […]

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