Rackam Gets Great Opportunities Following the GREENEXPO Conference in Mexico City

Rackam theGreenExpo Mexico

Photo credit: Jérôme Fortin 

Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, Vice President of Rackam and Joséanne Bélanger-Gravel, Business Development Manager spent a few days in Mexico attending the TheGreenExpo conference, which took place September 5-7, 2017 at the World Trade Center in Mexico City. Rackam interviewed Joséanne Bélanger-Gravel upon her return to provide feedback on this trade mission funded by Sherbrooke Innopole's International program. 

Rackam: Joséanne how was the GreenExpo 2017 in Mexico City for Rackam?

Rackam GreenExpo Mexico

Joséanne BG: Our stay in this very lively city went really well. Canada's trade commissioners Rosalba Cruz, Mariana Richter and Gabriela Dominguez have helped us to establish links with potential partners. We met many industry professionals in the Tajin Lounge, which was reserved for Canadian companies. The MILA public relations firm mandated by Canada's trade commissioners, including Luis Domenech, did a tremendous job in planning the meetings.

At the solar level, the Room was primarily photovoltaic, solar thermal was well received because Mexico is aware of the technology. The Mexican partners we met already knew the parabolic solar concentration technology. However, it is mainly the technologies associated with solar thermal water heaters that are applied at the residential level in Mexico that has a large market share in the solar thermal field. Many partners are therefore looking for new technologies to offer high-temperature solar energy to industrial customers. So, this is good timing and a lot of foreseeable opportunities for Rackam!

Rackam: Can you tell us more about the prospects for business development in Mexico?

Rackam Affair canada Mexico

JBG: We had a dozen official meetings and as a result 4 proposals were requested. In addition, we met a potential strategic partner, who has already proposed 5 projects to evaluate. The business potential is so great that we plan to set up a Rackam-Mexico branch in order to make a part of the production at the local level and to be more present and active in this market.

We also had discussions with members of the government who would like to mandate solar thermal quotas in Mexico. Rackam would be an expert on this issue and would be required to express their views on the matter. This is great news!

R: And the earthquake?

JBG: On the night of September 6, we felt the effect of an earthquake in our hotel which was evacuated. There was no damage that night, the epicenter was far from Mexico City. We learned that this week a new earthquake hit Mexico City more directly with victims, and we hope that all the people we met are doing well.

Rackam thoughts are with the victims of the recent earthquakes in Mexico.