Rackam on VoirVert

Francis Pronovost, VoirVert website reporter, wrote a paper about rackam sustainable construction in Quebec. This article describes and promotes the Icarlus Heat technology and the company that developed it, an enterprise that specializes in green energy. The many aspects of the ICarlus Heat technology makes it a suitable investment for companies that use large amounts of heating energy. The solar panels can be installed in various types of roof or virtually anywhere as long as there is a good sun exposure.
The conception, construction and exploitation of ecological structures is done by a team of professionals to whom the environmental cause is dear to heart, thus ready to allocate time and resources (expertise) to VoirVert. 
VoirVert’s mission is to set and promote environmentally friendly areas for work, recreative activities and everyday life. 
In order to accelerate the construction of durable infrastructures, VoirVert invites the active involvement of governments and industry leaders, and promotes their excellence, entrepreneurship and development.
You can read the entire article on : http://www.voirvert.ca/nouvelles/innovation/le-capteur-solaire-icarus-heat