Our Parabolic Solar Collectors Produces Industrial Process Heat

The parabolic solar collectors designed by Rackam generate heat over a wide temperature range.

More light to boost crop growth

Crops need light to stimulate growth. In winter, light is scarce. We adapted our mirror tracking system to reflect light using a Fresnel wall. It boosts crop growth by 30% to 40%.

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Boiling water

Between  65°C and 95°C, Rackam’s cylindrical or circular dish collectors produces boiling water in open or closed process loops.

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Pressurized water

Above 95°C but below 155°C, both Rackam’s cylindrical or circular dish collectors heat up pressurized water in closed loops.

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Thermal oil

The more efficient circular dish collector is best suited to heat up thermal oil when your process requires steam temperatures more than 155°C. 

Rackam’s collectors are able to produce temperatures higher than 260°C. Within the 355°C, thermal oil can still be used but the piping components change in order to sustain such temperatures. When temperatures exceed 355°, molten salts need to be used. At this stage, we try to avoid working in such conditions.

Concentrated solar heat is more efficient than photovoltaic in transforming solar radiation into usable heat.

Rooftop or Ground-based Installations

Rackam’s engineering team is qualified to help guide you to the best technology for your application. You may find more information on our R&D capabilities on this page. Moreover, the choice of a solar heat installation depends on the temperature of the process heat and whether it is a rooftop or a ground-based installation. Rackam developed 3 collectors to meet the requirements of most industrial processes and your available location.

Heat Storage

Heat storage is much less expensive than electricity storage. It can be used to extend use of process heat outside the hours of daylight Rackam has developed cost-effective heat storage facilities.