S20 Parabolic Troughs


The S20 solar parabolic troughs consist of a mirror which, when oriented toward the sun, concentrates rays on a target in order to increase its temperature. The target consists of an evacuated tube, in which a thermal fluid circulates. This heated fluid is then used to transfer heat to an energy-intensive process.

The solar troughs are equipped with a single-axis tracking device which allows them to follow the sun’s trajectory throughout the day, ensuring an optimal concentration of solar radiation. The system is also made to withstand non-ideal weather conditions, including rain, snow, and strong wind.

The S20 should be prioritized when ground surface is available, as it allows for lower construction, installation and maintenance costs. A ground system also allows for larger mirrors to be installed, which in clear sky conditions can lead to a superior output.


Product advantages

  • Robust ground system
  • Lowest construction and installation costs
  • Winter and summer production
  • Perfectly adapted to medium- and high-range temperature requirements
  • Highly visible and environmentally friendly image
  • Very low maintenance requirements
  • Can be designed to accomodate accumulations of snow, vegetation, and dust

Typical installation

S20 Parabolic Troughs

Potential applications

S20 Parabolic Troughs


Strengthen the competitiveness of your business by reducing energy costs while contributing to the quality of the environment.

S20 Parabolic Troughs


S20 Parabolic Troughs