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Rackam is a leading North American provider of solar heat for industry

Since inception, Rackam is pursuing the mission to contribute to the energy transition in industry. Industry should adopt renewable energy sources. Over more than 10 years, Rackam became a leading North American provider of solar heat for industry.

Rackam tackled one of the most difficult climate change problems to solve: the transition of industrial process heat using sustainable energy sources. Heat consumed by industry corresponds to 24% (¼) of worldwide energy consumption. It is larger than electricity consumption. Heat constitutes 74% of energy consumed by the industrial sector.

Financial imperatives and production guide industry’s decisions. Energy issues are usually a means to a goal. Nevertheless, as climate change evidence is prevalent and as the cost of renewable energy competes favorably with fossil fuels, industry is starting to adopt renewable energy in force. Developing reliable and cost-efficient solutions for various industrial needs became imperative.

More than 10 years of experience in solar heat for industry

Since its foundation in 2009, Rackam has built a solid reputation in the solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP) around the world. The company became the prominent North American manufacturer and provider of technology solar heat for industrial processes.

Over 10 years, Rackam perfected three types of parabolic concentrators and delivered twenty projects in eight different countries around the world. These achievements have brought a deep knowledge of solar thermal solutions. As a result, we now measure performance and understand integration into different industrial processes. Challenges related to the supply chain, manufacturing, integration, and maintenance of installations were overcome. We fine-tuned our production cost and our design to provide the most cost-efficient solar thermal technology. We serve clients at all stages of a project, ranging from planning, manufacturing, exporting, and installing advanced technology. Moreover, our technology is thermally efficient, cost-effective, and easy to ship, install and maintain. The result is increased profitability for you.

Solar heat has been successfully integrated into most thermal processes used in industry. Would it be for: pasteurization; drying of crops; drying municipal sludge; desalination; air conditioning; electricity production; industrial process heat; etc. Even if it does not replace the current energy source entirely, nevertheless, it can significantly reduce the use of fuel and of greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to this technical development, Rackam now offers a new business model. It offers a lower purchase cost and extended support for solar plants. Thanks to this approach, bringing sunshine into your business is more accessible than ever.

We believe in the quality of our products. We’ll back it up with a full maintenance service

Not only is our equipment less expensive to purchase, but we also believe so much in its quality. We will protect it with the best maintenance service contract in the industry. The new maintenance service now includes the replacement of defective parts and the optimal use of solar systems at all times, for the entire useful life of the installation. Contact us for more information or to receive a detailed offer.

Transparency: more than a slogan

Solar heat for industrial processes remains a mysterious field of activity. Apart from the surface articles announcing the deployment of projects, there is little information available on the performance in real conditions of the various systems in place. From now on, all our solar thermal plants will be monitored, and the performance of the system will be calculated in real time. For customers wishing to participate, Rackam started publishing in real time the performance of some of its installations.

At Rackam, we tell you the truth about our systems: when they work, but also where there are problems. As a result, our customers know what is always going on. In this way, we hope to demystify our technology and its use to accelerate widespread adoption. In fact, after 10 years of demanding work, we are now fully convinced of the role we play in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.