Alain Lemaire Solar Park



This solar park is the first installation involving parabolic solar concentrating collectors on such a scale and of such performance. This is an example of one of the typical projects for Rackam: a ground installation for process heat.
The solar field has 20 rows of parabolic sensors, each with a length of 33 meters, incorporating Rackam's new S20 technology. Each row consists of four parabolic concentrators covering a total area of 1490 m2 of captation. They are interconnected by a single plumbing system which circulates the oil which is heated to high temperature by solar energy. The rows of parabolic concentrators are motorized to track the path of the sun throughout the day.
The system is designed to withstand elements such as rain, snow and strong winds. Parabolic mirrors are made of aluminum and foam. In case of snow or strong winds, they can fold. The collectors can retrieve 60% of the sun's thermal energy.

Prix Envirolys, Mathieu Chagnon et Alain Lemaire

The Alain Lemaire solar park won a prestigious Envirolys prize in 2015 for its performance and innovation at the environmental level (on the photo: Alain Lemaire and Mathieu Chagnon)

"The Alain Lemaire solar park is, for now, the only solar installation in Quebec using our new generation of S20 collectors. These collectors are twice as large as and much more efficient than those used in our previous projects. The Kingsey Falls installation will also enable the technology to evolve thanks to research partnerships with the University of Sherbrooke. This project is a breakthrough that will propel Quebec's technological know-how in the field of renewable energy".