Chagnon Dairy

Laiterie Chagnon


Inaugurated in 2010, the facility has seen five versions of collectors installed since its inception and that continues still today. It is also used for the purpose of staff training. In addition, the heat produced for over 6 years now by the solar power plant, is used to produce the hot water used in the cleaning system in place at the plant.
The project was named "Solar Dairy " and benefited from a grant from the Innovation assistance program from the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife of Quebec in addition to a grant to support productivity from the Ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture of Quebec.

"The Chagnon Dairy is the first project carried out by Rackam and where we've learned the most. It is also the first industrial CSP project in Quebec and definitely a major innovation. Rackam's team is very grateful to the Chagnon Dairy's staff for being a partner in this project".

Mathieu Chagnon, President of RACKAM