COPAG, agricultural cooperative

COPAG, coopérative agricole

the project and its advantages

At its launch in 1987, the agricultural cooperative COPAG which is located in Morocco brought together 39 farmers in the Taroudant region. Today it has 14,000 members grouped in 70 cooperatives and is a major force in the Moroccan food industry. COPAG has notably become the second biggest dairy producer kingdom just after the giant Danone. It ensures agricultural production and marketing of local products in the country: citrus, fruit juices and dairy products. Its main mission is to ensure the socio-economic development of rural areas of the Souss region and provide more and more elaborate agricultural animal and plant products.

The solar thermal concentration plant resulting from the collaboration between Rackam, ALTO Solution and Vincent Thermique and is a demonstration project, allowing COPAG to partially heat the cleaning solutions in place in part of the dairy. Rackam developed a rooftop solar concentration solution for process heat production. The solar installation completed in 2016 has 4 rows of S10sensors, to develop 50 thermal kW.
The goal for COPAG is to assess the real benefit of this industrial technology, and to have all the elements allowing them to make a rational and pragmatic decision before investing in a larger solar plant which would meet the entirety of their needs.

"This thermal concentrating solar power plant project is a real opportunity to demonstrate the potential of this technology in the Moroccan industrial sector. Our aim is to actively participate in the energy transition, especially in Morocco and Africa and I am very pleased with this first successful collaboration with Rackam. Surely, the sunshine we enjoy in our region can only promote the emergence of such plants. "

Mehdi Berrada, founder & director at ALTO Solution