Alouette Pavillon

Pavillon Alouette


Rackam, in collaboration with the CanmetENERGY federal research laboratory in Varennes, achieved a global feat with this installation: the production of cold using solar energy. This new rooftop installation enables this building to be air-conditioned and heated all year round through solar and geothermal energy.
The hybrid installation consists of a field of ultra-modern solar concentrators on the roof of the building, comprised of 15 rows of S10 collectors and totalling a 214 m² surface of parabolic mirrors, in addition to several geothermal wells around the site. In the winter, the solar field will capture light energy and transform it into heat energy; to power the building which can accommodate 400 people. The geothermal wells will complement the supply of heat. In the summer, the system will produce cold from the solar energy, with a new system of thermally activated ejecto-compressors, which will allow cooling of the new pavilion.
How is cold produced from the sun? In a traditional system, electrical energy is the driving force which drives the heat pump. This then withdraws the energy out of an environment for transfer into another. In the case of a thermally activated ejecto-compressors system, the source of driving power is mainly the heat from the solar concentrators, the ejecto-compressor developed by the CanmetENERGY then acts as a pump.
This project received a Technoclimat grant from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Quebec, of nearly $ 400,000.

"This innovative project allowed Rackam, in collaboration with CANMET Energy, to develop a very promising technology, especially for countries with high solar potential and with significant refrigeration needs"

Jacques Alexandre Fortin, VICE PRESIDENT OF RACKAM