City of Surprise

City of Surprise

The project and its advantages

This project involves heating water with parabolic solar concentrators S20. The latter, developed by Rackam, are equipped with mirrors which, when oriented towards the sun, concentrate the rays on a target in order to increase the temperature considerably. A part of the sludge from the city's wastewater treatment system will then pass through this system in order to be dried and concentrated, and -ultimately upgraded.

If this pilot project is successful, it should be scaled to treat the entire city's wastewater. For this purpose, the solar power plant will have an approximate power of 5 MW (thus 50 times more powerful than the current test bench), which would enable the city of Surprise to treat all of its sludge and sludge from neighboring cities using 100% renewable energy. This project was realized in collaboration with heat2hydro who was the installer and the commercial partner of Rackam for this project.

"We are proud of this pilot project which is designed to prove the relevance of using solar concentrating systems for wastewater treatment. We have worked closely with the company and the professional team of Heat2hydro, which are now our installers and business partners in the United States "

Jacques-Alexandre Fortin, vice president of Rackam.