University of Thrace

University of Thrace


A new type of plant valuing renewables was born in the small village of Neo Erasmio in Greece. The station, which has been operational since the 30th of September 2015, uses a solar concentration field and a geothermal plant to provide heat to various buildings, and electricity via a Rankine type of heat conversion turbine.
Conceived by a team of Thrace University researchers, this concept is a demonstration of the effectiveness of the integration of these three technologies into one site. The plant therefore includes:
- A ground field of parabolic solar concentration of 450 m² using Rackam's technology (CSP: Concentrating Solar Power), connected to a thermal storage unit
- A geothermal system developed by the Greek integrator Bienter drawing energy from the ground and connected to the same storage unit
- And a turbine using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) principle, which can generate electricity from the heat stored in the aforementioned storage unit.

The product used by Rackam for the solar concentration field is the S20, the same solar concentrator that was used for the Cascades plant in Quebec.

"Greece is a country that has a strong solar potential, and the Greeks are already advanced in the use of photovoltaic panels to collect energy from the sun. This is the first concentrated solar power project (CSP) in Greece and I think it is only beginning. This project is an excellent demonstration of the multiple opportunities that the CSP has: it combines input from a geothermal well and an ORC type of machine to meet the specific needs for heating and electricity for three neighbouring buildings"

Joel Mathieu, Ing. Project Manager at RACKAM