Solar heat for agriculture is like food to humans. The sun is just the natural fuel of a farm. Why not make more use of it, reduce your costs and reduce your carbon footprint? Here’s how Rackam can help you!

Surface Cleaning and Sanitary Hot Water for Farms

Surface cleaning requires heat during the caustic wash of the cleaning cycle.  Rackam has designed a solar heating package to reduce fossil fuel consumption to heat up cleaning in place systems (CIP).  The solar package is designed to be easy to install and can be deployed at any farm, small or large.

Crop Drying, Building and Warehouse Heating

Rackam offers hybrid technology combining a heat pump and efficient low temperature solar collectors to reduce the amount of fossil fuel used to heat large farm buildings or dry crops.

More Light Increases Crop Growth in Winter

In recent years, our experience with tracking mirrors and mechanized mirror arrays has been called upon to realize an innovative system to increase the light available for plant growth inside a tunnel greenhouse. The project currently deployed at the Abri Végétal (Compton,Quebec) has increased the production of crop growth in greenhouse by 30 to 40%.